Thursday, February 27, 2020

Vodafone Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Vodafone - Essay Example ionally, the growing population coupled with poor communication network especially in rural areas has necessitated the demands of cost effective communication tools in these regions. In order to strengthen its presence on international level, Vodafone makes sure that it offers the offerings in accordance to the market needs. Presently, it has implemented a slightly different marketing strategy in developed and developing markets so that it can incorporate the demands of the respective markets. Even in India, it is targeting the rural population which does not has access to the mobile phones due to their high prices. Vodafone is utilising the marketing activities in compliance with Indian market so that the customers can understand its features. However, there is immense need of modifying the strategy so that it can include the business specific services for the thriving corporate world. Vodafone also known as Vodafone Group PLC is a multinational firm operating across the globe with having basis in UK. It is recognised as the Britain’s third prevalent mobile network operative company and the world’s largest mobile telecommunication network corporation which has revenues of about â‚ ¤20 million (Vodafone, 2013). The company was established in 1984 and its name is an acronym of Voice Data Fone. Currently, it has presence in all of the continents which comprises of direct operations in more than 21 countries and partnering networks in about 49 countries (Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications, 2013). Overall, the company is delivering services in more than 150 countries along with 23 different languages and has a customer (individuals and enterprises) base of more than 404 million (Vodafone Global Enterprise, 2014). The vision of Vodafone is â€Å"to attain the position of being a global leader in the mobile industry by adding value to the customer’s life and increase the profitability rate along with making the networks of mobile the ‘nervous

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